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O-RAN Alliance ( members and contributors have committed to evolving Radio Access Networks (RAN) around the world. Future RANs will be built on a foundation of virtualized network elements, white-box hardware and standardized interfaces that fully embrace O-RAN’s core principles of intelligence and openness. An ecosystem of innovative new products is already emerging that will form the underpinnings of the multi-vendor, interoperable, autonomous RAN, envisioned by many in the past, but only now enabled by the global industry-wide vision, commitment and leadership of O-RAN Alliance members and contributors.

O-RAN SC is partnering with the O-RAN Alliance and Linux Foundation to support the software development for an open RAN solution that is available to everyone. The community will align with the architecture and specifications that are created in the O-RAN Alliance working groups to create a working software solution to enable an open and intelligent 5G RAN.

New featuresin H release:

Near-Real-time RIC X-APPs (RICAPP)

RICAPP H Release Feature Scope:

  1. New HW-Rust xApp to support RUST framework.

  2. New ad-cell xApp to detect cell level anomaly.

  3. RC xApp - GRPC interface support on RC xApp

  4. Bouncer xApp - RIC Benchmarking new features addition.

  5. KPIMON-GO xApp – New Version

Near-Real-time RAN Intelligent Controller Platform (E2 Interface) (RICPLT)

RICPLT H Release Feature Scope:

  1. E2 reset (from E2 node to RIC), E2 subscription delete required, A1 policy status notifications

  2. Preparation of feature for I release, e.g., include xApps in subscription delete required decision

For the H release of the near-RT RIC we do only limited integration testing: only the use cases: deploy RIC, deploy xApp, make E2 connection, get list of A1 policies has been tested.

Non-Real-time RIC (A1 Interface) (NONRTRIC)

NONRTRIC H Release Functions:

  1. Consolidated & Improved RAN PM data exposure in new repo for RAN PM functions

    Adds 4 new services for RAN PM processing Lots of work on deployment scripts/charts, testing, CI, and documentation

  2. (R1) Service Exposure & Management (SME)

    CAPIF Aligned Service Registry & Discovery Continued work of Service execution platform extensions (K8s, Istio, Keycloak, OPA, Gateway) to enable and enforce service isolation & exposure Controlled access & exposure of service to/from rApps

  3. (R1) Data Management & Exposure (DME)

    Small updates to Information Coordination Service – studying alignment with R1 proposals File-based PM data → Kafka/InfluxDB/Minio Including parsing, filtering & delivery ref. PM Data exposure above

  4. rApp Management

    Started work on a new rApp Manager functions – more in next release LCM for rApps: Building on ONAP “Automation Composition” model & platform to implement rApp use cases “KServe Participant” and “A1 Policy Participant” Overlap with Service Exposure work to examine role of an rApp Manager to support controlled access to and exposure of Services Overlap with Data Exposure work to examine role of an rApp Manager to support controlled access to and exposure of Data types

  5. Continued A1-Policy & A1-Enrichment-Information evolution (& R1-A1)

    A1-Policy work in ONAP (continues in ONAP London) - candidate for R1-A1(P) A1-EI management as part of DME - candidate for how to include A1-EI in R1-DME ref. DME work above

  6. Demonstrated ASD-based CNF LCM

    ONAP SO CNFM in standalone mode

  7. Sample use cases (rApps)

    Requirements Drivers for rApp/R1 development

  8. Testing, Maintenance & Housekeeping

    3PP update – esp. Springboot 3 & JDK 17 Function Test & Integration Test environment, lots of new test cases, and new ONAP L & OSC H test profiles Continue integration, deployment & configuration of SMO/Non-RT-RIC related functions & usecases in OSC Integration environment. Project coordination, Documentation, Delivery, Reporting, Cross-project alignment, Community demos, O-RAN Standardization support, etc.

OAM (O1 Interface)

OAM H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Updates according to O-RAN Operations and Maintenance Interface Specification 8.0 (O-RAN.WG10.O1-Interface.0-v08.00) October 2022

    Please see H-Release for further details

  2. Hardening the solution by introducing a “SMO-gateway”.

  3. Add a FlowManagement Component.

O-RAN Central Unit (OCU)

OCU H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Radisys Commercial CU is being used as a test fixture for E2E testing

  2. This is containerized CU image with following

    Release version 2.5.3 NG interface with SOCKET mode and veth type F1 interface with SOCKET mode and veth type E2 interface support Software Crypto

O-DU High

O-DU High H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Odu High interfaces alignment to the latest specification & New design with multi-scheduler algorithm support

    Status: Completed Epic:

  2. Integration of ODU-High with intel L1

    Status: Spread over multiple releases, to be continued in the next release Epic:

  3. Inter CU Handover

    Status: Completed Epic:

  4. E2 interface enhancement

    Status: Completed Epic:

O-DU Low

O-DU Low H Release Feature Scope:

The O-DU Low H release is the same as the F Release and G Release that added support for Massive MIMO, URLLC and it is based on the commercial FlexRan 21.11 release.

The O-DU Low H, G and F Release code is an Intel contribution in collaboration with Tieto Poland for the source code releases in the O-RAN gerrit and for the binary blobs contributed via GitHub.

For the documentation preparation of the H, F and G release Intel worked with collaboration from Fransiscus Bimo and Professor Ray-Guang Cheng from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST).

The H, G and F release are being used for end to end testing and it is based on the E maintenance release that was used for the 2021 November US O-RAN Plugfest and tested in conjuction with 2 stack partners and 2 different Test equipment vendors. The Front Haul Interface was also tested for compliance using Keysight’s Front Haul Test equipment.

Container images and deployment instructions are to be provided later

Simulators (SIM)

SIM H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Updated simulated O-RU YANG models according to latest release (March 2023) OpenFronthaul Management Plane specification

  2. Implement the Monitoring NETCONF connectivity feature for the O-RUs, according to chapter 6.7 (Monitoring NETCONF connectivity) in O-RAN.WG4.MP.0-R003-v11.00

  3. Created a mechanism to locally build simulated O-DU with 3GPP YANG models

  4. No new contributions for the E2 Simulator

Infrastructure (INF)

INF H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Enable the 2 AIO severs with additional worker nodes deployment scenario

  2. Major components upgrade

  3. Implement the O2 interface as the MVP

Integration and Test (INT)

INT H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Convert existing RICPLT/RICAPP Robot test cases in it/test repo to be executed with XTesting, which should automate the deployment of RIC platform, onboarding an xApp, and execute test cases all together.

  2. Wind River may contribute XTesting test cases on the o2 repo

  3. Specific to the Asia Pacific Open Lab:

    Completing E2 setup procedure between OSC Near-RT RIC and OAI gNb. Incorporate E2AP v2 in OAI CU for connection between OAI CU and OSC Near-RT RIC. Verify data exchange between netconf and ves between OAI CU and OSC SMO. Testing C-plane in F1 interface connection between OAI CU and OSC DU.

Service Management and Orchestration (SMO)

SMO H Release Feature Scope:

  1. Automated API Conformance testing

  2. Alignment with O-RAN O2 DMS ETSI NFV Profile.

  3. Refresh SDNR image to the latest on SMO O1 project.

AI/ML Framework

AI/ML Framework H Feature Scope:

  1. Diversify training data source for Training host

    Obtaining training data from DME in Non-RT RIC Creating Feature groups with data source and feature information

  2. Kserve adapter

    Deploy and manage AI models in Near-RT RIC/Non-RT RIC Integrate Inference host with O-Cloud( RICDMS ) and Management Functions of RIC.

  3. Training pipeline Enhancement

    Provide sample pipelines by default

  4. AIMLFW feature enhancements

    Options for edit, retrain and delete training jobs

Please find some guidance here on the content of O-RAN SC documentation.