Developer Guide

This document provides a quickstart for developers of the Non-RT RIC Information Coordinator Service.

Additional developer guides are available on the O-RAN SC NONRTRIC Developer wiki.

The Information Coordinator Service is a Java 11 web application built using the Spring Framework. Using Spring Boot dependencies, it runs as a standalone application.

Its main functionality is to act as a data subscription broker and to decouple data producer from data consumers.

See the ./config/README file in the information-coordinator-service directory Gerrit repo on how to create and setup the certificates and private keys needed for HTTPS.

Start standalone

The project uses Maven. To start the Information Coordinator Service as a freestanding application, run the following command in the information-coordinator-service directory:

mvn spring-boot:run

There are a few files that needs to be available to run. These are referred to from the application.yaml file. The following properties have to be modified:

  • server.ssl.key-store=./config/keystore.jks


  • app.vardata-directory=./target

Start in Docker

To build and deploy the Information Coordinator Service, go to the “information-coordinator-service” folder and run the following command:

mvn clean install

Then start the container by running the following command:

docker run nonrtric-information-coordinator-service

Kubernetes deployment

Non-RT RIC can be also deployed in a Kubernetes cluster, it/dep repository. hosts deployment and integration artifacts. Instructions and helm charts to deploy the Non-RT-RIC functions in the OSC NONRTRIC integrated test environment can be found in the ./nonrtric directory.

For more information on installation of NonRT-RIC in Kubernetes, see Deploy NONRTRIC in Kubernetes.

For more information see Integration and Testing documentation in the O-RAN-SC.