Developer Guide

This document provides a quickstart for developers of the Non-RT RIC rApp Manager.

Additional developer guides are available on the O-RAN SC NONRTRIC Developer wiki.

The rApp Manager is a Java 17 web application built using the Spring Framework. Using Spring Boot dependencies, it runs as a standalone application.

Its main functionality is to lifecycle manage rApps.

Start standalone

The project uses Maven. To start the rApp Manager as a freestanding application, run the following command in the rappmanager/rapp-manager-application directory:

mvn spring-boot:run

There are a few service endpoints that needs to be available to run. These are referred to from the application.yaml file. The following properties have to be modified:

  • rappmanager.acm.baseurl=http://policy-clamp-runtime-acm.default:6969/onap/policy/clamp/acm/v2/

  • rappmanager.sme.baseurl=http://servicemanager:8095

  • rappmanager.dme.baseurl=http://informationservice:9082

  • rappmanager.rapps.env.smeDiscoveryEndpoint=http://servicemanager:8095/service-apis/v1/allServiceAPIs

Start in Docker

To build and deploy the rApp Manager, go to the rappmanager/rapp-manager-application folder and run the following command:

mvn clean install

Then start the container by running the following command:

docker run nonrtric-plt-rappmanager

Kubernetes deployment

Non-RT RIC can be also deployed in a Kubernetes cluster, it/dep repository. hosts deployment and integration artifacts. Instructions and helm charts to deploy the Non-RT-RIC functions in the OSC NONRTRIC integrated test environment can be found in the ./nonrtric directory.

For more information on installation of NonRT-RIC in Kubernetes, see Deploy NONRTRIC in Kubernetes.

For more information see Integration and Testing documentation in the O-RAN-SC.