OAM Operation and Maintenance Overview

The O-RAN SC OAM project provides administrative and operator functions for O-RAN components, such as Near-Realtime-RAN-Intelligent-Controller, O-RAN Centralized Unit, O-RAN Distributed Unit and O-RAN Radio Unit.

The project follows the specifications for the O1 interface as provided by O-RAN Working Group 1 (new 10).

The O-RAN-SC OAM project adds features and functions to the OpenDaylight-based ONAP controller ‘CCSDK/SDNC’. It is built on the Common Controller Framework to control and to manage O-RAN ManagedElements and O-RAN ManagedFunctions.



Project Resources

The project uses the following Linux Foundation resources:


According to the O-RAN-OAM-Architecture document all ManagedElements (ME) (near-real-time-RIC, O-CU-CP, O-CU-UP, O-DU and O-RU) implement the O1-interface.

The O-RAN-OAM-interface specification defines

  • a NetConf-Server for Configuration Management (CM) and

  • a http-client for Fault Management (FM), Performance Management (PM) and other events on each Management-Service-Provider (MnS-Provider) running on the ManagedElement.

THe O-RAN-SC-OAM project provides reference implementation according to the O-RAN OAM documents. In addition it provides a lightweight MnS-Consumer for development and module test purposes. The assumption is that the projects for the ManagedElements can concentrate on the more important user-plane.

Each project requires its own OAM repository to address the specific needs of the ManagedFunction.

The following O-RAN specifications are considered during implementations:




WG1 - Use Cases and Overall Architecture

O-RAN Architecture Description

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O-RAN Operations and Maintenance Architecture

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O-RAN Operations and Maintenance Interface

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O-RAN Information Model and Data Models Specification

November 2020

WG4 - The Open Fronthaul Interfaces

O-RAN Open Fronthaul Conformance Test Specification

2.00 - November 2020

O-RAN Management Plane Specification

5.0 - November 2020

O-RAN Management Plane Specification - YANG Models

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TIFG - Test & Integration Focus Group

O-RAN End-to-End System Testing Framework Specification

1.0 - July 2020