Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for the Bronze Release of the HelloWorld (HW) xAPP.

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2020-06-09 1.0.6 Shraboni Jana Sixth draft


The Bronze release of the HW xAPP demonstrates E2 and A1 interface interactions, persistent storage read-write, RMR and A1 healthcheck. HW xAPP uses its HelloWorld E2SM (can be found at hw/src/xapp-asn/e2sm/) for ASN PDUs.

Release Data

Project RAN Intelligent Controller
Repo/commit-ID ric-app/hw
Release designation Bronze
Release date 2020-21-05
Purpose of the delivery open-source Hello World xAPP


  • src/ contains the main source code. Under that directory :
    • xapp.hpp, is generic class which implements all the xAPP functionalities for xapp developer to pick and choose.
    • xapp-utils/ contains generic classes for - persistent data management, configuration management, RMR send/receive etc.
    • xapp-asn/ contains generic classes for generating/processing ASN1 E2AP and E2SM messages.
    • xapp-mgmt/ contains code specific xapp management of subscriptions and received messages.
  • test/ contains unit tests showing how to use various components.


  • The HW xAPP doesn’t have any usecase in particular to display SDL capabilities and hence incorporated only in unit tests.
  • The subscription process assumes, on sending subscription request results in valid subscription response.
  • The HW xAPP doesn’t address any RIC usecase in particular.