Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for the Amber Release of the Measurement Campaign xAPP.

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2019-11-25 1.0.0 Vlad Shkapenyuk First draft


The Amber release of the MC xAPP supports calculation of a number of metrics and KPIs based on X2 messages received from UEEC.

Release Data

Project RAN Intelligent Controller
Repo/commit-ID ric-app/mc
Release designation Amber
Release date 2019-11-14
Purpose of the delivery open-source measurement campaign xApp


  • mc-core/* contains the source of core MC xApp container. + mc-core/mc/queries/ contains a set of queries computing the output metrics and KPIs. + mc-core/mc/data_gen/ contains a generator of X2 messages to run MC in standalone simulation mode without UEEC.
  • sidecars/ contains the source code the RMR listener container responsible for listeting to UEEC messages and forwarding them to mc-core.
  • docs/ contains the documentation.


  • MC xApp relies the GS-lite stream processing engine (com/gs-lite).