Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for the Amber Release of the Acumos xAPP adapter.

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2019-11-14 0.0.1 Guy Jacobson First draft


The Amber release of the Acumos xAPP adapter contains the code needed to use an existing Acumos microservice as an O-RAN xAPP, by providing “glue” that listens and speaks RMR protocol and translates these into calls to the Acumos microservice, which is co-deployed in the same pod as the adapter.

Release Data

Project RAN Intelligent Controller
Repo/commit-ID ric-app/ml
Release designation Amber
Release date 2019-11-14
Purpose of the delivery open-source adapter between Acumos and xAPPs.


  • AcumosXappAdapter/ contains the source code and other items of interest. Under that directory :
    • is source code for the adapter itself.
    • is the source code for a generic Acumos model (iris classification).
    • config.json is a sample configuration file, needed to connect the Acumos model with the xAPP adapter during deployment.
    • Dokcerfile is the Dockerfile that builds the xAPP adapter microservice.
    • testdata.csv contains sample input data to test the classifier


  • This is a first release and needs some fixes to the Dockerfile function correctly, due to known problems with the build process to incorporate the required nng libraries.