Developer Guide

Tech Stack

The A1 Mediator is implemented in Golang.

Running A1 Standalone

The A1 container can be run standalone, which means using an in-memory mock version of SDL and a static route table. The host machine must have the RMR library and the environment must define the variable prometheus_multiproc_dir with a value like /tmp. Alternately, use the following command to run A1 as a Docker container, using a route table mounted as a file from this git repository and exposing the server’s HTTP port on the Docker host:

docker run -e USE_FAKE_SDL=True -p 10000:10000 -v `pwd`:/opt/route [DOCKER_IMAGE_ID_HERE]

Then test the server with an invocation such as this:

curl localhost:10000/A1-P/v2/healthcheck

Integration testing

This tests A1’s external API with three test receivers. This requires docker, kubernetes and helm.

Build all the images:

docker build  -t a1:latest .
cd integration_tests/testxappcode
docker build -t delayreceiver:latest -f Dockerfile-delay-receiver .
docker build -t queryreceiver:latest -f Dockerfile-query-receiver .
docker build -t testreceiver:latest  -f Dockerfile-test-receiver  .

Then, run all the tests from the root (this requires the python packages tox, pytest, and tavern).

tox -c tox-integration.ini

This script:

  1. Deploys 3 helm charts (5 containers) into a local kubernetes installation

  2. Port forwards a pod ClusterIP to localhost

  3. Uses “tavern” to run some tests against the server

  4. Barrages the server with Apache bench

  5. Tears everything down