This document provides the release notes for O-RAN SC Amber Release of ric-plt/rtmgr.

Version history

Version 1.0.0, November 12, 2019

  • Populates the RMR routing table between the RIC platform component pairs E2Term,Subscription Manager and E2Term,E2Manager

  • Queries xAppManager for the deployed xApps and populates the RMR routing table between the xApps,Subscription Manager

  • Populates routes based on the subscription ID between xApps,Subscription Manager


  • /api: contains Swagger spec files

  • /manifest: contains deployment files (Kubernetes manifests, Helm chart)

  • /cmd: contains go project’s main file

  • /pkg: contains go project’s internal packages

  • /test: contains CI/CD testing files (scripts, mocks, manifests)

  • Dockerfile: contains main docker file

  • container-tag.yaml: contains CI specific container tag information

  • shell script to run rtmgr (requires environment variables to be set)

Current implementation provides support for the followings:

  • NBI: * __httpGet__: simple HTTP GET interface. Expects an URL where it gets the xApps’ list in JSON format * __httRESTful__: provides REST API endpoints towards RIC manager components. Expects REST port and url where the HTTP service will be started to listen on.

  • RPE: * __rmr__: creates routing policies formatted for RIC RMR

  • SDL: * __file__: stores xApp data in container’s local filesystem (or in a mountpoint) * (backlog) __sdl__: Shared Data Library to Redis database

  • SBI: * __nngpub__: distributes RPE created policies via NNG Pub channel * __nngpipe__: distributes RPE created policies via NNG Pipeline channel