C++ Framework Release Notes

The following is a list of release highlights for the C++ xAPP Framework.

Cherry Release

2020 11 December; version 2.3.3

Version bump to force CI jobs to promote the packages.

2020 21 August; version 2.3.2

Small cleanup of “code smells” and add additional test stats to unit tests.

2020 21 August; version 2.3.1

Fix bug in message introduced with “code smell” fix. (RIC-629)

2020 20 August; version 2.3.0

Address sonar flagged “bugs” in the config class (RIC-629).

2020 13 August; version 2.2.2

Correct potential memory leaks in xapp class (RIC-629)

2020 July 31; version 2.2.1

Correct “bugs” according to sonar (RIC-629)

2020 July 30; version 2.2.0

Add support for configuration file reading and change notification.

2020 July 22; version 2.1.0

Added metrics support (RIC-381).

2020 July 17; version 2.0.0

Add alarm support.

Add xapp namespace for Message, Msg_component, Alarm and Jhah objects. This is a BREAKING change and thus the major version number was bumped to 2.

2020 June 29; version 1.2.0

Add support for json parsing

2020 June 26; version 1.1.0

Change the port type in constructors to indicate “const”

Version bump to 1.1.0 to allow patches to bronze code to continue to be done on the 1.0.* level.

Bronze Release

2020 April 28; version 1.0.0

Bump version to force package build (old CI version added incorrect install prefix). Bump to 1.0.0 for release.

2020 March 27; version 0.1.2

Changes identified by sonar (missing copy/move builders) rmr_dump example programme Improvements to code for better test coverage