Installation Guide


This document describes how to install the Non-RT RIC components, their dependencies and required system resources.

Software Installation and Deployment

Install with Docker

Docker compose files are provided, in the “docker-compose” folder, to install the components. Run the following command to start the components:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml
  -f policy-service/docker-compose.yaml
  -f ics/docker-compose.yaml

The example above is just an example to start some of the components. For more information on running and configuring the functions can be found in the README file in the “docker-compose” folder, and on the wiki page

Install with Helm

Helm charts and an example recipe are provided in the it/dep repo, under “nonrtric”. By modifying the variables named “installXXX” in the beginning of the example recipe file, which components that will be installed can be controlled. Then the components can be installed and started by running the following command:

bin/deploy-nonrtric -f nonrtric/RECIPE_EXAMPLE/example_recipe.yaml