A1 Policy Management Service (from ONAP CCSDK)

A1 Controller Service above A1 Controller/Adaptor that provides:

  • Maintains (persistent) cache of RAN’s A1 Policy information.

    • Support RAN-wide view of A1 Policy information.

    • Streamline A1 traffic.

    • Enable (optional) re-synchronization after inconsistencies / near-RT-RIC restarts.

    • Supports a large number of near-RT-RICs (& multi-version support).

  • Converged ONAP & O-RAN-SC A1 Adapter/Controller functions in ONAP SDNC/CCSDK (Optionally deploy without A1 Adaptor to connect direct to near-RT-RICs).

  • Support for different Southbound connectors per near-RT-RIC - e.g. different A1 versions, different near-RT-RIC version, different A1 adapter/controllers supports different or proprietary A1 controllers/EMSs.

See also A1 Policy Management Service in ONAP: Wiki, Documentation.


  • Implemented as a Java Spring Boot application.

This product is a part of NONRTRIC.