Frequently asked questions

How to enable detailed logs in karaf for SDN-R applications

If you like to see more details in karaf logs for the NetConf communication between ODL and NetConf servers (mediators/devices) please invoke the following commands in the karaf console.

# Logging settings (on)
log:set DEBUG org.onap.ccsdk.features.sdnr
log:set TRACE org.opendaylight.netconf
log:set TRACE

Please note, setting the debug level to ‘TRACE’ may impact the performance on the controller. In production environment make sure to set back the debug level to ‘INFO’ as soon possible.

# Logging settings (off)
log:set INFO org.onap.ccsdk.features.sdnr
log:set INFO org.opendaylight.netconf
log:set INFO

Which commands should be used to analyze karaf logs?

cd $ODL_KARAF_HOME/data/log
rm *.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "| ERROR |" . | grep 2018 >> 01-error.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "RemoteDevice{" . | grep 2018 >> 02-devices.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "RemoteDevice{" . | grep "Unable to build schema context, unsatisfied imports" | grep 2018 >> 03-schema-issue.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "Matched request:" . | grep 2018 >> 04-matched-request.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "network-element" . | grep 2018 >> 05-network-element.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "urn:onf:params:xml:ns:yang:core-model" . | grep 2018 >> 06-core-module.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "PerformanceManagerTask" . | grep 2018 >> 07-pm-tick.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "Unable to read NE data for mountpoint" . | grep 2018 >> 08-unable-to-read.txt
grep -anr --include=*.log* "LKCYFL79Q01M01MSS801" . | grep 2018 >> 09-LKCYFL79Q01M01MSS801.txt

How to report an odlux issue

If you would like to report an odlux issue which you have noticed in the Graphical User Interface, please provide the following information:

  1. Description: In which application you have noticed the issue?

  2. Environment:

    • Which browser is used and the version of the browser. eg: Google chrome - version 71.0.3578.80 / Mozilla Firefox.

    • Which Operating system and version. eg: Linux/ Windows 10 - version 1803.

    • In which language you are using the application.

    • The application URL which is available on the browser address bar. eg: http://hostname/odlux/index.html#/connectApp

  3. Expected Result: What is the expected result you are looking for?

  4. Actual Result: What is the actual result you got?

  5. Steps to reproduce: Describe the steps to reproduce the scenario. If possible, please provide the screenshots

The above information helps us to analyze the problem quicker.