Installation Guide


This document describes how to install the Non-RT RIC Control Panel, its dependencies and required system resources.

The Non-RT RIC Control Panel is a graphical user interface that enables the user to view and manage the A1 policies in the RAN and also view producers and jobs for the Information coordinator service.


Since the control Panel depends on the A1 Policy Management Service and Information Coordinator, they must be installed to make it work. See Non-RT RIC for how to install and set them up.

This guide is to install both the NonRtRIC Control Panel and the NonRtRIC Service Gateway.

The installation of the NonRtRIC Service Gateway is needed as it exposes A1 Policy Management Service and Information Coordinator Service.

Software Installation and Deployment


It is important to note that all the route configurations are provided in the application.yaml file of the gateway. So in case domain name and port for Policy Management Service and Information Coordinator Service are not the default ones, the application.yaml file must be modified.

Install with Docker

Docker compose files are provided, in the “docker-compose” folder, to install the frontend and gateway. Run the following command to start the Control Panel:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml
               -f control-panel/docker-compose.yaml
               -f nonrtric-gateway/docker-compose.yaml

Install with Helm

Helm charts and an example recipe are provided in the it/dep repo, under “nonrtric”. By modifying the variables named “installXXX” at the beginning of the example recipe file, the components that will be installed can be controlled. The components can be then be installed and started by running the following command:

bin/deploy-nonrtric -f nonrtric/RECIPE_EXAMPLE/example_recipe.yaml