Non-RT RIC Control Panel Overview

Graphical user interface with the following capabilities:

  • View and Manage A1 policies in the RAN (near-RT-RICs)

  • Graphical A1 policy creation/editing is model-driven, based on policy type’s JSON schema

  • View producers and jobs for the Information coordinator service

  • Configure A1 Policy Management Service (add/remove near-rt-rics)

The Control Panel frontend interacts with the A1 Policy Management Service and A1 Information Coordinator (REST NBIs) via a service exposure gateway, the Nonrtric Gateway. The frontend is developed using the Angular framework. The Gateway is a Spring Cloud Gateway that provides an API Gateway for all the Non-RT-RIC Components.


It is fully supported in Firefox and Chrome. Minor issues in Safari. Not supported in Microsoft Edge and IE.

Control Panel architecture

The architecture of the Control Panel is as shown on the following picture:


The Control Panel can be deployed following the instructions in the Installation Guide.

This product is a part of NONRTRIC.