INF O2 Service Overview

This project implements a reference O-RAN O2 IMS and DMS service to expose the INF platform to SMO via the O-RAN O2 interface.

In the E release, the following APIs are supported by the INF O2 service:

  1. INF O2 service Infrastructure Management Service (IMS)

    • INF O2 service provisioning API

      • Provision SMO O2 endpoint into INF O2 service

      • O2 service discovers INF platform and registers INF platform to SMO via the provisioned SMO O2 endpoint

    • INF O2 service Inventory API

      • O2 service discovers following resources of INF platform to answer queries from SMO

        • INF platform information

        • Resource Pool of the INF platform

        • Resources of the Resource Pool, including pserver, cpu, memory, port, interface

        • Resource Types associated with Resources

    • INF platform Subscription and Notification

      • INF O2 service exposes Subscription API to enable SMO subscribes to Notification of changes of resources

    • INF platform Deployment Management Service Endpoint discovery API

      • INF O2 service enables lookup of INF O2 DMS endpoints via DeploymentManagementService resource as part of inventory

  2. INF O2 service Deployment Management Service (DMS)

    • INF O2 service discovers kubernetes clusters hosted by INF platform, exposes them as Deployment Management Services via DMS endpoints

    • The exposed DMS endpoint supports Lifecycle Management of NfDeployment which represents CNF described in helm chart, the API supports APIs below:

      • Management of NfDeploymentDescriptor

      • Management of NfDeployment