This document provides the release notes for 2.0.2 of INF O2 service.

Version History







Jon Zhang, Jackie Huang

H Release



Bin Yang, Jon Zhang, Jackie Huang, David Liu

G Release



Bin Yang, Jon Zhang

F Release



Bin Yang, Jon Zhang

E Release

Version 2.0.2, 2023-06-15

  • Upgrade Inventory API

    • Support capabilities attribute of the DMS query to support the PlugFest with SMO integration

  • Update the Subscription and Notification part

    • Adding the oAuth2 configuration for the O2 service query the SMO

    • Registration and notification to SMO support oAuth2 verification

    • Rewrite the subscription filter part

  • Specification compliance

    • Compliance to “O-RAN.WG6.O2IMS-INTERFACE-R003-v04.00”

    • Adding InfrastructureInventoryObject abstract class

  • Other updates

    • Bugs fixed

Version 2.0.1, 2022-12-15

  • Upgrade Inventory API, and add Monitoring API

    • Support HTTPS/TLS for API endpoint

    • Support authentication with token of API

    • Add “api_version” query in base API

    • Add “O2IMS_InfrastructureMonitoring” API part

    • Support Attribute-based selectors, and API query filter parameters following the specification

    • Updating error handling of all the API queries

  • Update the Subscription and Notification part

    • Notification SMO and register O-Cloud when the application starts with SMO configuration

    • Support subscription inventory change or alarm notification with the filter parameter

  • Specification compliance

    • Compliance to “O-RAN.WG6.O2IMS-INTERFACEv03.0”

    • Updating modeling, including ResourcePool, ResourceInfo, DeploymentManager, ResourceType, Notification, O-Cloud, AlarmEventRecord, AlarmDictorary, and AlarmDefinition

    • Adding Accelerators as a resource; adding virtual resource type

  • Other updates

    • Add configuration file load at application starts

    • Fix bugs

    • Replace POC O2DMS APIs with Kubernetes Native API Profile for Containerized NFs

Version 1.0.1, 2022-06-15

  • Add Distributed Cloud(DC) supported

    • Enable multiple ResourcePool support in DC mode

    • Enable multiple DeploymentManager support in DC mode

  • Add O2 DMS profiles

    • Support native_k8sapi profile that can get native Kubernetes API information

    • Support SOL018 specification, it includes native Kubernetes API profile and Helm CLI profile, “sol018”, and “sol018_helmcli”

Version 1.0.0, 2021-12-15

  • Initial version (E release)

  • Add O2 IMS for INF platform

    • Enable INF platform registration to SMO

    • Enable O2 infrastructure inventory service API

    • Enable O2 Subscription service API

    • Enable O2 Notification service to notify SMO about the resource changes

  • ADD O2 DMS for INF platform

    • A PoC which enables Lifecycle management of NfDeployment represents CNF described with helm chart

    • Add Lifecycle Management API for NfDeploymentDescriptor which represents a helm chart for NfDeployment

    • Add Lifecycle Management API for NfDeployment