Developers Guide

Version bumping the Xapp

This project follows semver. When changes are made, update the version strings in:

  1. container-tag.yaml

  2. docs/release-notes.rst


  4. xapp-descriptor/config.json

Testing RMR Healthcheck

The following instructions should deploy the QP container in bare docker, and allow you to test that the RMR healthcheck is working.

docker build -t qpd:latest -f  Dockerfile .
docker run -d --net=host -e USE_FAKE_SDL=1 qpd:latest
docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /usr/local/bin/rmr_probe -h

Unit Testing

Running the unit tests requires the python packages tox and pytest.

The RMR library is also required during unit tests. If running directly from tox (outside a Docker container), install RMR according to its instructions.

Upon completion, view the test coverage like this:

open htmlcov/index.html

Alternatively, if you cannot install RMR locally, you can run the unit tests in Docker. This is somewhat less nice because you don’t get the pretty HTML report on coverage.

docker build  --no-cache -f Dockerfile-Unit-Test .