QoE Predictor Overview

QoE Predictor (QP) is an Xapp in the Traffic Steering O-RAN use case, which uses the following Xapps:

  1. Traffic Steering, which sends prediction requests to QP.

  2. QoE Predictor, which predicts and sends that prediction back to Traffic Steering

  3. KPIMONN, which populates UE and Cell metrics into the influxdb.

Expected Input

The QP Xapp expects a prediction-request JSON message via RMR with the following structure:: {“UEPredictionSet”: [“Car-1”]}

Expected Output

The QP Xapp should send a prediction for both downlink and uplink throughput as a JSON message via RMR with the following structure:

"c6/B2": [12650, 12721],
"c6/N77": [12663, 12739],
"c1/B13": [12576, 12655],
"c7/B13": [12649, 12697],
"c5/B13": [12592, 12688]