Build Prerequisite

This section describes how to install and build the required components needed to build the FHI Library, WLS Library and the 5G FAPI TM modules.

Install ICC

Intel® C++ Compiler v19.0.3 is used for the test application and system integration with L1, The Intel® C++ Compiler can be obtained using the following link with community

COPY $icc_license_file $BUILD_DIR/license.lic

Note: The version available at this link is always the latest ICC version, the verification for that version may not have been performed yet, so please provide feedback through O-DU Low project WIKI page if you face any issues.

You can follow the installation guide from above website to download Intel System Studio and install. Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives and Intel® C++ Compiler are mandatory components. Here we are using the Linux* Host,Linux* Target and standalone installer as one example, below link might need update based on the website

#cd /opt && mkdir intel && cp $BUILD_DIR/license.lic intel/license.lic
#tar -zxvf $BUILD_DIR/system_studio_2020_u2_ultimate_edition_offline.tar.gz

Edit system_studio_2020_ultimate_edition_offline/silent.cfg to accept the EULA file as below example:


Silent installation:

#./ -s silent.cfg

Set env for ICC:

#source /opt/intel/system_studio_2020/bin/ intel64
#export PATH=/opt/intel/system_studio_2020/bin/:$PATH

Download and Build DPDK

  • download DPDK:

    #tar -xf dpdk-19.11.tar.xz
    #export RTE_TARGET=x86_64-native-linuxapp-icc
    #export RTE_SDK=Intallation_DIR/dpdk-19.11
  • patch DPDK for O-RAN FHI lib, this patch is specific for O-RAN FHI to reduce the data transmission latency of Intel NIC. This may not be needed for some NICs, please refer to
    O-RAN FHI Lib Introduction -> setup configuration -> A.2 prerequisites

  • SW FEC was enabled by default, to enable HW FEC with specific accelerator card, you need to get the associated driver and build steps from the accelerator card vendors.

  • build DPDK

    build DPDK:

    select [39] x86_64-native-linuxapp-icc
    exit   [62] Exit Script
  • set DPDK path

    DPDK path is needed during build and run lib/app:

    #export RTE_SDK=Intallation_DIR/dpdk-19.11
    #export DESTDIR=Installation_DIR/dpdk-19.11

Install google test

Download google test from
  • Example build and installation commands:

    #tar -xvf googletest-release-1.7.0.tar.gz
    #mv googletest-release-1.7.0 gtest-1.7.0
    #export GTEST_DIR=YOUR_DIR/gtest-1.7.0
    #export GTEST_ROOT= $GTEST_DIR
    #cd ${GTEST_DIR}
    #g++ -isystem ${GTEST_DIR}/include -I${GTEST_DIR} -pthread -c ${GTEST_DIR}/src/
    #ar -rv libgtest.a gtest-all.o
    #cd ${GTEST_DIR}/build-aux
    #cmake ${GTEST_DIR}
    #cd ${GTEST_DIR}
    #ln -s build-aux/libgtest_main.a libgtest_main.a
  • Set the google test Path

    this path should be always here when you build and run O-RAN FH lib unit test:

    #export DIR_ROOT_GTEST="your google test path"

Configure FEC card

For the Bronze Release only a SW FEC is available so this step is not needed, for later releases the required information will be added to the document.

Customize a setup environment shell script

Using as an example the provided in the folder phy\ as the starting point customize this script to provide the paths to the tools and libraries that are used building and running the code. You can add for example the following entries based on your particular installation and the following illustration is just an example:

- export DIR_ROOT=/home/
- #set the L1 binary root DIR
- #set the phy root DIR
- export DIR_ROOT_PHY=$DIR_ROOT/phy
- #set the DPDK root DIR
- #export DIR_ROOT_DPDK=/home/dpdk-19.11
- #set the GTEST root DIR
- #export DIR_ROOT_GTEST=/home/gtest/gtest-1.7.0
- export DIR_WIRELESS_TEST_5G=$DIR_ROOT_L1_BIN/testcase
- export DIR_WIRELESS_SDK=$DIR_ROOT_L1_BIN/sdk/build-avx512-icc
- export DIR_WIRELESS_TABLE_5G=$DIR_ROOT_L1_BIN/l1/bin/nr5g/gnb/l1/table
- #source /opt/intel/system_studio_2019/bin/ intel64 -platform linux
- export XRAN_DIR=$DIR_ROOT_PHY/fhi_lib
- export XRAN_LIB_SO=true
- export RTE_TARGET=x86_64-native-linuxapp-icc
- #export DESTDIR=""
- export ORAN_5G_FAPI=true
- export DEBUG_MODE=true

Then issue:

- source ./

This sets up the correct environment to build the code

Then build the wls_lib, FHI_Lib, 5G FAPI TM prior to running the code with the steps described in the Run L1 section