Wls Lib Installation Guide

The wls library uses DPDK as the basis for the shared memory operations and requires that DPDK be installed in the system since in the makefile it uses the RTE_SDK environment variable when building the library.
The current release was tested using DPDK version 20.11.3 but it doesn’t preclude the use of newer releases. Since the L1 binaries are built with DPDK 20.11.3 the ODULOW as a whole does has the limitation to use only this version of DPDK. Also the library uses the Intel Compiler that is defined as part of the ODULOW documentation.


  • Overview

  • Building and Installation

  • Command Line Parameters

  • Known Issues/Troubleshooting

  • License


This document describes the wls DPDK base library for ODULOW to ODUHIGH communication as part of the
ORAN Reference Architecture where an intermediate shin layer can be present between these components.

Building and Installation

Retrieve the source files from the Linux Foundation Gerrit server:


  1. cd wls_lib

  2. wls_lib$ ./build.sh xclean

  3. wls_lib$ ./build.sh

The shared library is available at wls_lib/lib

This library is used by the ODUHIGH, shin layer implementing a 5G FAPI to IAPI translator and the ODULOW components.

Please define an environment variable DIR_WIRELESS_WLS with the path to the root folder of the wls_lib as it is needed for the fapi_5g build process.

Unit Test building and validation

In order to build the unit test do the following steps:

  1. cd test

  2. ./build.sh xclean

  3. ./build.sh

  4. Create an SSH session into the target an change directory to wls_lib/bin/phy

  5. issue ./phy.sh

  6. Create a second SSH session into the target and change directory to wls_lib/bin/fapi

  7. issue ./fapi.sh

  8. Create a third SSH session into the target and change directory to wls_lib/bin/mac

  9. issue ./mac.sh

After the test run you should see that each module sent and receive 16 messages from the display status messages.

Known Issues/Troubleshooting

No known issues. For troubleshooting use unit test application.


Please see License.txt at the root of the phy repository for license information details