ORAN 5G FAPI TM Release Notes

Version FAPI TM oran_release_bronze_v1.1, Aug 2020

  • Increased test coverage. All supported DL, UL and FD standard MIMO cases are validated
  • Support for carrier aggregation
  • Support for API ordering
  • Support for handling Intel proprietary PHY shutdown message in radio mode
  • FAPI TM latency measurement
  • Bug fixes
  • Feedback provided to SCF on parameter gaps identified in SCF 5G FAPI specification dated March 2020
  • This version of the 5G FAPI TM incorporates the changes that were provided to the SCF.

Version FAPI TM oran_release_bronze_v1.0, May 2020

  • First release of the 5G FAPI TM to ORAN in support of the Bronze Release
  • This version supports 5G only
  • PARAM.config and PARAM.resp are not supported
  • ERROR.ind relies on the L1 support for error detection as the 5G FAPI TM only enforces security checks and
    integrity checks to avoid DOS attacks but it doesn’t perform full validation of the input parameters for compliance to the standard
  • Deviations from the March version of the SCF 5G FAPI document have been implemented in order to deal with
    limitations and ommisions found in the current SCF document, these differences are being provided to the SCF for the next document update. The 5G FAPI implementation is defined in the file fapi_interface.h
  • Multi-user MIMO, Beamforming, Precoding and URLLC are not supported in the current implementation as they
    require additional alignment between the SCF P19 and the ORAN
  • The option for the MAC layer doing the full generation of the PBCH payload is not supported in this release and it will be added in the maintainance release cycle.