RMR Release Notes

RMR Release Notes

The following is a list of release highlights for the RMR library. At one point in time the RMR repo also housed a wrapper library with a separate version and release cycle. This resulted in leap frogging versions for each package; the RMR core library was assigned odd major numbers (e.g. 3.1.0). When the wrapper code was moved to a different repo the need to leap frog versions ceased, and beginning with version 4.0.0, the RMR versions should no longer skip.

2023 Oct 4; version 4.9.2

Fixes some stability issues seen during route table update. Dont allow clean old_rtable until it’s reference count is really 0. Added more faster recognition for connect failure so route table update will not stuck so long in preparing new rtable. rtgate lock is not needed to init and destroy continouosly.

2023 May 28; version 4.9.1

Fixes IPv6 binding in RMR (RIC-985)

2023 Feb 14; version 4.9.0

Added new message type for subscription delete required

2022 Nov 10; version 4.8.5

Fixes for errors detected by source code scanning (RIC-939)

2022 May 11; version 4.8.3

Added header definitions for config transfer messages (RIC-638)

2022 January 17; version 4.8.2

Fixes routing statistics printout crash (RIC-872).

2022 January 7; version 4.8.1

Re-enables RMR libary’s module tests (RIC-861). Creates a new unit test for the debugging rmr rx queue API. Fixes some bugs and possible memory likeage in SI95 code.

2021 December 2; version 4.8.0

Fixing memory leak in python support function (RIC-858). New API added for debugging rmr rx queue (RIC-838).

2021 April 22; version 4.7.4

Beef up unit testing in SI package and fix a few static analysis bugs. (RIC-777)

2021 April 19; version 4.7.3

Correct flag check bug in route table functions (RIC-777).

2021 April 9; version 4.7.2

Ensure that route table update received from route generator is not applied before a full route table is received.

2021 April 2; version 4.7.1

Correct issues found during static code analysis.

2021 March 31; version 4.7.0

The route table collector thread will capture the current “offering” from the Route Manager (table generator) if the RMR_SEED_RT environment variable is set.

2021 March 10; version 4.6.1

Corrected unit test “framework” to make manual testing easier, and to add the ability to set the code optimisation level via the CMake command line parameter OPT_LEVEL=n.

2021 February 22; Version 4.6.0

Enhanced to use millisecond based timestamps when writing log messages. (RIC-627)

Enhanced to eliminate the reqirement that the file specified by the RMR_VCTL_FILE environment variable exist when RMR is initialised. RMR will correctly find this file if it is created after initialisation. Further, if the environment variable is not given, the user may create and populate /tmp/rmr.v at any time and the contents of this file will be used as if it were supplied via the environment variable. This should make debugging in existing containers easier.

Enhanced to send an alarm manager when the user application is not receiving messages fast enough. The original messages written to the standard error are still generated. (RIC-204)

2021 January 21; Version 4.5.2

Fixes the excessive TCP session bug when sending to a slow receiver and a related segment fault because of too many open file descriptors. (RIC-735)

2021 January 19; Version 4.5.1

Version bump to work round a CI job bug preventing push of the 4.5.0 packages from staging to release in package cloud. (RIC-732)

2021 January 8; Version 4.5.0

Version bump for next release tracking. Corrected a potential locking issue in message allocation. (RIC-732)

Cherry Release

2020 December 4; Version 4.4.6

Correct a range check bug when cloning a route table in prep to load a new one. (RIC-720)

2020 November 17; Version 4.4.5

Correct bug in round robin group allocation that could lead to an empty group. (RIC-695)

2020 November 13; Version 4.4.4

Correct address memory leak in the RTE cleanup. (RIC-674)

2020 November 4; Version 4.4.3

Correct bug introduced with race fix (4.4.0) (RIC-674)

2020 November 4; Version 4.4.2

Changes to correct more complaints generated by a code scan. (RIC-673) Also addressed some sonar coverage issues with unit test changes.

2020 November 4; Version 4.4.1

Changes to correct complaints generated by a code scan. (RIC-673)

2020 November 4; Version 4.4.0

Changes to address a potential race condition when route tables arrive in quick succession. (RIC-674)

2020 October 30; Version 4.3.1

Changes to address code analyser scans and two bug fixes identified while addressing the analysis data. (RIC-673)

2020 October 2; Version 4.3.0

Add message types for traffic steering anomaly messages

2020 September 15; Version 4.2.4

Add man page for the rmr_set_low_latency() function (RIC-631)

2020 September 15; Version 4.2.3

Correct arg processing bug in rmr_rpobe (RIC-645)

2020 August 4; Version 4.2.2

Correct bug in the rmr_probe support utility when -r option is used on the command line (RIC-644)

2020 August 4; Version 4.2.1

Add additional environment variable dump if RMR_LOG_VLEVEL set to 4 at start.

2020 August 3; Version 4.2.0

Add support for the RMR_RTREQ_FREQ environment variable to control the request frequency for a new route table (default 5s if not supplied). (RIC-630)

2020 July 21; Version 4.1.4

Fix bug in SI95 – possible use of pointer after free (RIC-626).

2020 July 9; version 4.1.3

Allow RTS messages to be sent before the arrival of the initial route table. Calls to RTS (heart beat responses) prior to the initial route table load could cause a crash if a framework blindly assumes that RTS is valid. (RIC-589)

2020 June 22; version 4.1.2

Fix typo in RIC Message header file.

Add document for message type constants and the scripts which generate them.

2020 June 22; version 4.1.1

Add new message types to RIC header file for


2020 June 18; version 4.1.0

Bump version minor to move away from 4.0.* which will bump for any patches applied back to bronze.

Add magic C++ goo to symtab header file allowing C++ xAPPs to use the symbol table directly.

Bronze Release

2020 May 06; version 4.0.5

Fix the bug in SI95 receive message management semaphore count issue. (RIC-355)

2020 April 29; version 4.0.4

Fix the traffic steering message type constants (again) (RIC-342)

2020 April 28; version 4.0.3

Fix sonar flagged bugs (RIC-78)

2020 April 24; version 4.0.2

Correct bug in SI95 transport header length validation (RIC-341)

2020 April 22; version 4.0.1

Correct message type constant for Traffic Steering predication (RIC-342)

2020 April 21; version 4.0.0

The NNG based libraries are no longer included in the RMR packages. This is considered a breaking change as NNG will not be supported by default. It is still possible to build with RMR-NNG libraries, but that is the exception. The API between 3.8.2 and 4.0.0 is the SAME. Upgrading to 4.0.0 only means that the underlying transport mechanism is limited only to SI95.

The rmr_rcv_specific() function has been deprecated as it was necessary only for NNG and Nanomsg support. Its use should be discontinued.

2020 April 20; version 3.8.2

Fix bug which was preventing an instance receiving dynamic route table updates. (RIC-336)

2020 April 20; version 3.8.1

Add user guide which replaces the concatenation of man pages (RIC-328)

2020 April 17; version 3.8.0

Add safe connect to avoid potential connect bug on Linux (RIC-332)

Change debugging in route table collector to avoid possible segment fault when in level 2 debug (RIC-335)

2020 April 15; version 3.7.4

Add missing message type to header file (RIC-334)

2020 April 14; version 3.7.3

Fix bug in rmr_call() when using SI95 (RIC-333)

2020 April 10; version 3.7.2

Fix bug related to static route table only mode (RIC-331)

2020 April 9; version 3.7.1

The max length restriction for receiving messages when using SI95 has been removed. The length supplied during initialisation is used as the “normal maximum” and default buffer allocation size, but messages arriving which are larger are accepted. (RIC-309)

2020 April 7; version 3.7.0

The health check support programme was renamed to rmr_probe (RIC-308).

2020 April 6; version 3.6.6

Correct bug in SI95 address conversion module (RIC-327) Correct bug in SI initialisation module

2020 April 2; version 3.6.5

Correct potential nil pointer use when examining interfaces for use as a listen target (RIC-307)

2020 April 1; version 3.6.4

Correct potential nil pointer use in the NNG interface (RIC-303) Correct issue preventing CI build without a container

2020 March 30; version 3.6.3

Correct the max receive message size constant in rmr.h (RIC-301)

2020 March 23; version 3.6.2

Fix message initialisation bug when pulling a message from the pool (RIC-295)

2020 March 19; version 3.6.1

Fix problem with RPM package install

2020 March 18; version 3.6.0

Add message types to support traffic steering

2020 March 16; version 3.5.2

Correct bug in the meid table parser that prevented the ack/nack of meid tables (RIC-273)

2020 March 10; version 3.5.1

Add missing health check message types.

2020 March 9; version 3.5.0

Added new wormhole send function: rmr_wh_call().

2020 March 6; version 3.4.0

Add new wormhole state function: rmr_wh_state().

2020 March 5; Version 3.3.1

Correct several “bugs” identified by automatic code analysis.

2020 March 4; Version 3.3.0

Add SI95 based unit testing Health check support binary added (reason for minor bump)

2020 February 26; version 3.2.5

Fix source address bug in SI95 receive/send funcitons. Fix threading issues involving session disconnection in SI95 Remove unused SI95 status variable.

2020 February 24; version 3.2.4

Fix meid bug (RIC-220) causing core dump.

2020 February 21; version 3.2.3

Add meid routing support to the SI95 interface.

2020 February 20; version 3.2.2

Fix receive thread related core dump (ring early unlock).

2020 February 19; version 3.2.1

Added missing message types (E2-Setup)

2020 February 18; version 3.2.0

Added support for new Route Manager and it’s ability to accept a request for table update.

2020 February 14; version 3.1.3

Fix bug in SIsend which was causing a core dump in some cases where the application attempted to send on a connection that had disconnected. (RIC-207).

2020 February 6; version 3.1.2

Fix disconnection detection bug in interface to SI95.

2020 January 31; verison 3.1.1

Allow route table thread logging to be completely disabled when logging is turned off.

2020 January 26; verison 3.1.0

First step to allowing the user programme to control messages written to standard error. Introduces the rmr_set_vlevel() function, and related environment variable.

2020 January 24; verison 3.0.5

Fix bug in SI95 with receive buffer allocation.

2020 January 23; verison 3.0.4

Fix bug in SI95 causing excessive CPU usage on poll.

2020 January 22; verison 3.0.3

Enable thread support for multiple receive threads.

2020 January 21; verison 3.0.2

Fix bug in SI95 (missing reallocate payload function).

2020 January 20; verison 3.0.1

Enable support for dynamic route table updates via RMR session.

2020 January 16; version 3.0.0

Introduce support for SI95 transport library to replace NNG. (RMR library versions will use leading odd numbers to avoid tag collisions with the wrapper tags which will use even numbers.)

2019 December 9; version 1.13.1

Correct documentation and missing rel-notes update for RTD.

2019 December 6; version 1.13.0

Add ability to route messages based on the MEID in a message combined with the message type/subscription-ID.

Amber Release

2019 November 14; version 1.11.1

Fix bug in payload reallocation function; correct length of payload was not always copied.

2019 November 13; version 1.12.1

New message type constants added to support A1.

2019 November 4; version 1.11.0

Version bump to move away from the 1.10.* to distinguish between release A and the trial.

2019 November 7; version 1.12.0

Version cut to support continued development for next release preserving the 1.11.* versions for release 1 (Amber) and related fixes.

2019 October 31; version 1.10.2

Provide the means to increase the payload size of a received message without losing the data needed to use the rmr_rts_msg() funciton.

2019 October 21; version 1.10.1

Fix to prevent null message buffer from being returned by the timeout receive function if the function is passed one to reuse.

2019 October 21; version 1.10.1

Add periodic dump of send count info to stderr.

2019 September 27; version 1.9.0

Python bindings added receive all queued function and corrected a unit test

2019 September 25; version 1.8.3

Correct application level test issue causing timing problems during jenkins verification testing at command and merge

Handle the NNG connection shutdown status which may now be generated when a connection throug a proxy is reset.

2019 September 25; version 1.8.2

Correct bug in rmr_torcv_msg() when timeout set to zero (0).

2019 September 19; version 1.8.1

Correct missing constant for wrappers.

2019 September 19; version 1.8.0

New message types added:


2019 September 17; version 1.7.0

Initial connection mode now defaults to asynchronous. Set RMR_ASYNC_CONN=0 in the environment before rmr_init() is invoked to revert to synchronous first TCP connections. (Recovery connection attempts have always been asynchronous).

2019 September 3; version 1.6.0

Fix bug in the rmr_rts_msg() function. If a return to sender message failed, the source IP address was not correctly adjusted and could cause the message to be “reflected” back to the sender on a retry.

Added the ability to set the source “ID” via an environment var (RMR_SRC_ID). When present in the environment, the string will be placed in to the message header as the source and thus be used by an application calling rmr_rts_smg() to return a response to the sender. If this environment variable is not present, the host name (original behaviour) is used.

2019 August 26; version 1.4.0

New message types were added.

2019 August 16; version 1.3.0

New mesage types added.

2019 August 13; version 1.2.0 (API change, non-breaking)

The function rmr_get_xact() was added to proide a convenient way to extract the transaction field from a message.

2019 August 8; version 1.1.0 (API change)

This change should be backward compatable/non-breaking A new field has been added to the message buffer (rmr_mbuf_t). This field (tp_state) is used to communicate the errno value that the transport mechanism might set during send and/or receive operations. C programmes should continue to use errno directly, but in some environments wrappers may not be able to access errno and this provides the value to them. See the rmr_alloc_msg manual page for more details.

2019 August 6; version 1.0.45 (build changes)

Support for the Nanomsg transport library has been dropped.

The library librmr.* will no longer be included in packages.

Packages will install RMR libraries into the system preferred

target directory. On some systems this is /usr/local/lib and on others it is /usr/local/lib64. The diretory is determined by the sytem on which the package is built and NOT by the system installing the package, so it’s possible that the RMR libraries end up in a strange location if the .deb or .rpm file was generated on a Linux flavour that has a different preference than the one where the package is installed.

2019 August 6; version 1.0.44 (API change)

Added a new message type constant.

2019 July 15; Version 1.0.39 (bug fix)

Prevent unnecessary usleep in retry loop.

2019 July 12; Version 1.0.38 (API change)

Added new message types to RIC_message_types.h.

2019 July 11; Version 1.0.37

librmr and librmr_nng
  • Add message buffer API function rmr_trace_ref() (see rmr_trace_ref.3 manual page in dev package).

2020 April 8; Version n/a

RMR Python moved to Python Xapp Framework (https://gerrit.o-ran-sc.org/r/admin/repos/ric-plt/xapp-frame-py)

2020 February 29; Version 2.4.0

Add consolidated testing under CMake Add support binary for health check (SI95 only)

2020 February 28; Version 2.3.6

Fix bug in Rt. Mgr comm which prevented table ID from being sent on ack message (RIC-232).