Man Page: rmr_set_vlevel





#include <rmr/rmr.h>
#include <rmr/rmr_logging.h>

void rmr_set_vlevel( int new_level )


The rmr_set_vlevel allows the user programme to set the verbosity level which is used to determine the messages RMR writes to standard error. The new_vlevel value must be one of the following constants which have the indicated meanings:


Turns off all message writing. This includes the stats and debugging messages generated by the route collector thread which are normally affected only by the externally managed verbose level file (and related environment variable).


Write only messages of critical importance. From the point of view of RMR, when a critical proper behaviour of the library cannot be expected or guaranteed.


Include error messages in the output. An error is an event from which RMR has no means to recover. Continued proper execution is likely except where the affected connection and/or component mentioned in the error is concerned.


Include warning messages in the output. A warning indicates an event which is not considered to be normal, but is expected and continued acceptable behaviour of the system is assured.


Include informational messagees in the output. Informational messages include some diagnostic information which explain the activities of RMR.


Include all debugging messages in the output. Debugging must have also been enabled during the build as a precaution to accidentally enabling this level of output as it can grossly affect performance.

Generally RMR does not write messages to the standard error device from critical path functions, therefore it is usually not harmful to enable a verbosity level of either RMR_VL_CRIT or RMR_VL_ERR.

Messages written from the route table collection thread are still governed by the value placed into the verbose level control file (see the man page for rmr_init()); those messages are affected only when logging is completely disabled by passing RMR_VL_OFF to this function.

The verbosity level can also be set via an environment variable prior to the start of the RMR based application. The environment variable is read only during initialisation; if the programme must change the value during execution, this function must be used. The default value, if this function is never called, and the environment variable is not present, is RMR_VL_ERR.